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I am very concerned about the white supremacy being allowed on Rivals


Check out the size of this lad
Mar 20, 2021
I understand it is rampant here, but sometimes I go over there to get a break from it. The racism has really taken a turn for the worse over there and they are even making jokes about secession!

I have decided I am going to pen and email to The Huffington Post and ask that they send an investigative journalist to see what is being allowed on the board. If you do not know, the Huffington Post is a very reputable organization that just happens to be under the same Verizon Media umbrella as Rivals. They will be disgusted when they see what is going on ever there.

If you have an contribution you would like added to the email, or any screen caps, feel free to post them. If not, rest assured that I will get this settled.

Serious replies only please.

Concerned Citizen
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