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Here's the real reason I need game models developed for me via for any FPS or TPS game


Mar 6, 2024
The reason I need 3D models developed for me via a high graphics FPS or TPS game that looks like it's continuing to receive new content like Ready or Not or Payday 3 is because I'm not at the stage of learning how to skilfully use Blender yet. I'm still stuck gathering sound effects I heard from my past media I watched - and especially after so many people refused to cooperate with me because I "Tried to commit piracy". And making a movie - especially if you're doing it solo for no profits and mere amusement like Alvin Earthworm for a sprite animation like Super Mario Bros. Z or those LEGO stop motion animators, takes time. And unfortunately, time is not on some of our sides.

Some perfect examples include the kids who died of S(I)DS (Sudden (Infant) Death Syndrome) (and this is one of those things Science still can't explain the cause to), Terry Fox (22 and cancer), Wowaka (31 and acute heart failure) and now, Akira Toriyama (68 and brain blood clot). Unfortunately, Toriyama leaves behind some unfinished Dragon Ball Z work. Which leaves us hanging in suspense - I.E, cliffhanger endings. In fact, this is the whole reason Alvin discontinued SMBZ: Us: "Hurry up with the next episode already" due to the cliffhanger ending of each episode. Is there anything wrong with thinking ahead of yourself as well as thinking about others before you do the same "stupid" thing they did? I'm going to finish my projects first, then upload them later. That way, I avoid comments like that.

Is that the way you want to go? To leave your fan base hanging in suspense for the rest of their lives while you head for your eternal place in the who-knows-where's? Every millisecond counts. - Especially for those who have a terminal illness and are literally living on borrowed time. Some of us must and will complete our goals no matter what obstacles we encounter/what gets in our way in any way possible. Some of us will not accept "Too bad, so sad" that easily. We have a goal to fulfill and some of us may be leaving Earth sooner than expected or anticipated. You really never know when your time is up.

So I hatched a strategy: get a game dev company to make the models for me, but via for their video game that's currently receiving updates. That way, once it's released to the public, I work my magic from there and decompile the game for the said 3D model. Thanks to Payday 2 and it's Bundle Modder and Diesel Tool programs, it dramatically cuts down the amount of time I need to remodel the stuff I need for my Blender movie from scratch.

Plus, I can't just think about myself, I gotta think about others too. So I thought "What if everyone would enjoy my weapons and stuff in the said video game?" But since I don't work for the game dev company, I might as well write to them my request list of things to implement into the game via their email. Now that I submitted my ideas for their games, all I have to do is wait til they make it now while I finish up some unfinished personal matters on my end.

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