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How To Glow Up As A Man And Stop Being A Little B**ch

Feb 9, 2023
What is the meaning of “glow up”? a person's transformation into a more attractive or accomplished version of themselves:

So this can mean attractive in terms of physical attractiveness as well as personality and one’s success which can be measured by wealth, fame, results in life, etc.

Here’s some of the methods to glow up. Some of these methods take longer than others to produce results and some of the methods will not work at all based on one’s own genetics. However, a vast majority of these will produce positive results for everyone within a year if done consistently every single day.

There are certain things I will mention that will trigger people especially when it comes to diet and when it comes to changing certain things about one’s appearance because they have either limited beliefs, closed mind or just purely ignorant.

A vast majority of people refuse to improve themselves and just sleep walk through life like a zombie. That’s fine but if you enjoy competition and desire to become the absolute best version of yourself then you may as well upgrade yourself. I mean most of you are upgrading your video characters with time and money. Why not take that same energy and put it into yourself in the various aspects that can drastically improve your life.

1.) Proper hydration: Now too much water will deplete your electrolytes and over hydrate you. You basically can drink just 20-30 oz a day but eat raw food (meat and fruit) and that will be enough. Drink reverse osmosis water so it's pure H2O. This prevents harmful toxins and other detrimental products from entering your body. You can procure ROW at stores or buy the machine online. I store mine in glass jars.

6 Best Reverse Osmosis Systems (2023 Guide) - This Old House

2.) Facial hair: Now some men look better with none, some men look great with a little stubble and some look great with a full beard. It depends on your jawline and chin for the most part. Justin Bieber looks like Dog shit with facial hair but without it he looks drastically better. Also, if you lack the ability to grow facial hair there are two ways to increase it. One is semen retention and another is dermarolling. You want to use a titanium grade roller and start small and eventually work your way up to 0.75 mm. Over doing this can cause damage to the skin. If you start with the smallest size of 0.25 this can be done daily and use a vitamin c cream to increase the healing/recovery. 0.5mm should be done once a week, 0.75mm once every other week and 1mm can be done every other week and anything larger than that shouldn’t be on the face but the head or the legs. This helps with other things which will be discussed later. After achieving your diseared result you can just use a maintenance schedule so the frequency is reduced.

Amazon.com : titanium derma roller

3.) Hair: Cold showers are great for the hair and I recommend using aloe vera gel to keep the hair hydrated and reduce dandruff. Oiling your hair before going out with Aragon oil gives you that sweet shine and wet look that stays with you for 4+ hours. Now you have to find a hair cut that matches your face shape. Below is a youtube video that can assist you with this but you can also look at celebrities and models who share your face shape and see what works for them.

4.) Diet: Cut out all processed foods and stick with whole foods. Mainly meat, fruit, honey, some squash and sweet potatoes and mostly raw. Now each person’s micro biome is in a different state as is our geographic location so the nutritional/diet needs will vary dramatically. Some people can do well on a carnivore diet only, some do well on a meat and fruit diet, some do well on a vegan diet and some even do well on a all fruit diet. If tried them all and researched all of these diets. I’ve at to change my diets based off my micro biome, my geographic location and based off my personal diet journal which helps ensure everything I eat goes perfectly. The goal is to eat as organic, local and in season as possible. The best way to control all these factors is to grow your own food and raise your own animals. I started this a few years back once I went off grid as I did this for absolute freedom. I eat a mono meal of fruit in the morning, then a squash/sweet potato with honey meal, then I’ll follow that up with a meat meal which is normally an organ meat of some kind and suet for fat. I do have some raw organic sheep milk as well. This does very well for me. Meal timing is and mixing is important as well. Eat mono fruit meals and never mix your carbs with your meat meals. As for geographic location, I’ve found if people live in the tropics they do better on fruit or mostly fruit. If they live in more northern climates they do better with more meat. Now you can do well on a vegan raw diet in northern climates but it’s more difficult to have everything seasonal and local. Organ meats are the most nutrient dense foods on the planet. After that I would say marine phytoplankton like Spirilina, chorella, etc are the most nutrient dense. To be safe you should get them from trusted third party lab tested sources only. Also you need the cell wall to be broken to absorb the nutrients and receive all the nutritional benefits.

A.) If you’re worried about getting sick from eating raw meat, don’t be. Check out Dr. Aajonus Vonderplanitz and his books and website. There are old videos up on youtube on how raw meat and fruit saved his life and the science behind it. The way to prevent getting sick while eating raw meat and organs is to eat grass fed grass finished products without any hormones, injections, steroids, etc. I find it best to have your own animals but if that’s not possible right now the second best option is Amish Farms and the third best option is local farms and call them or visit them to find out what they feed their animals, living conditions and their practices are. www.primaldiet.net – Gain greater health through raw foods

5.) Lower your body fat percentage to at least 10%. Speed up this process with weight training, proper dieting with less calories in than energy you expend by about 250-500 calories per day until your reach your desired goal. This allows you to have a more aesthetic body but a face as well because it will show the jawline and angles of your face become more prominent.

6.) Derma rolling, increases collagen in your face for soft supple skin and lips and can increase facial hair. Ice rollers are great as well. These can also decrease poor size, get ride of acne and scars.

7.) skincare routine: Seabuckthorn oil as a face wash, Aragon oil as a moisturizer, rose water as a toner, and aloe vera gel for clear glowy skin. Manuka honey face masks are incredibly powerful to get rid of any blemishes overnight.

8.) nice natural tan which can come from your food instead of the sun or artificial lights which will damage your skin and prematurely age you over time. Some of these foods include carrots (or juice), tomatoes, sweet potatoes, cantaloupe, apricots, olives, eggs, salmon, pumpkin. This is due to the caratenoids and various antioxidants within these foods.

9.) Max out your frame with weight lifting and dieting: once you've gotten to that lean 10% or less body fat % then max out your frame with an extra 40-50 lbs of lean mean muscle mass (will vary from person to person). Daily full body exercise routines (nucleolus overload training), compound lifts, progressive overload daily, annual deload periods, bi annual routine/exercise changes, slow on the eccentric phase of the exercises and explode up on the concentric portion of the exercises. Over 75% of the muscle growth and strength comes from the eccentric phase, negatives one set per exercise about every other day(30%+ more than you can normally lift go down slowly for about 5 seconds and do 6-8 reps), 6-12 reps is the sweet spot for hypertrophy or gaining muscle mass but it varies based on muscle groups like your neck, abs and calves require higher reps for solid hypertrophy, insane intensity created with your brain or visualizations (lift or die or lift or a family member dies)
Feb 9, 2023
10.) Face:

A.) Mewing: Dr. Mew an orthodontist invented this method to align peoples teeth, and sculpt their jawlines and chins to be more attractive. There are many before and after pictures and videos online. The younger you are the more effective this method will be. If you’re over the age of 40 it may not have much of a benefit. I started at 28 and by 33 the difference was absolutely insane. I used hard mewing as well. Let me know if you need more information on how to do this.

How To Get A Great, Prominent Jawline by Improving Body, Neck & Tongue Posture by Dr Mike Mew - YouTube

B.)Chewing a large amount of gum: I use mastic gum and do this on each side for equal proportions

C.) Facial Exercises: There is an exercise for every aspect of your face including your eyes, jawline, and cheek bones. You can find most of these exercises for free on youtube. Essentially you want to work on developing hunter eyes, higher cheek bones, and a longer more prominent jawline and chin that’s fairly close to having a square angle around 100 degrees is perfect.

D.) Bone smashing: this is where many taps to the various bones of the face can cause micro fractures and over time changes the density and shape of those bones. I wouldn’t recommend it as this can potentially damage your face if not done correctly. I used this method for over a decade on my shins, elbows and hands when in martial arts like Muay Thai and Taekwando. This not only hardened my bones, increased the density and changed the shape. However my hands look a little weird around the knuckles since I probably overdid it.

E.) Eyes: Now the hunter eye’s are the top priority and having that slight tilt up on the sides kind of like cat eyes or just level. Next the eye color is a extremely important as well. Most people have dark brown eyes on earth. Blue or green eyes are known to be the most attractive and after that hazel. A natrual way to change your eye color is with a raw vegan diet. Now this doesn’t change it really, it just gives you the natural color you were supposed to have but due to various reasons like toxic build up from birth and on the eyes darken over time. You can check out before after videos of people who have achieved this. Here are some websites for colored contact lenses for a natural look Addict Blue https://www.lens.me/anesthesia-addict... Natural Colors Agata https://www.solotica.com/natural-colo... Elite Emerald Green https://www.lens.me/bella-elite-emera... Air Optix Colors Gray https://www.lens.me/air-optix-colors-... Freshlook Colorblends Green https://www.lens.me/freshlook-colorbl...

F.) Teeth: Now vineers are a great way to get that perfect white smile but if one doesn’t have enough money for this the snapon teeth provide a similar amazing look. Houston Cosmetic Dentist....Want a Hollywood Smile without breaking the bank?? Watch this! - YouTube

11.) Dick: Now most of your Gen y and z dudes have been destroyed by porn and believe you need a 12x8 inch python to be a G in the bedroom but that’s absolutely not the case at all. Learn the the anatomy and learn the angles and movements that work and each person is different and practice makes perfect but you can provide more pleasure to woman with your skill over a person who is larger than you. With that being said you have to at least meet the minimum zize requirements to for the specific woman you’re with to get her off. Some women are size queens for sure but for the most part a 5x6 which is what I used to be will be sufficient to satisfy 95%+ of women especially if you have the skills. The big dick is mostly just a visual excitement but you need to know how to use it.Now if you meet this size but just want the ego boost or to destroy women and send them to the hospital then I have a few PE exercises that I found work. I gained 2 inches in length and a half inch in base girth from just hanging. You can increase the weight very slowly over time and cement the results after you achieved your goal. It took me 2 years to achieve the results I desired and 6 months to cement them. It’s painful once you get to the higher weights and utilize the different angles. Now, girth is more important than length. About 95% of the pleasure nerves are within the first 4 inches of majority of women so basically if you’re 5-6 inches you’re fine. The girth is the difference maker here. The two main exercises that provide the best results are clamping and Horse 440’s. Just like with working out you want to increase the time under tension over time and stress as well. I used a thin pad to protect the skin and the clamps I got at home depot and there are different sizes and you can tighten and loosen them. For clamping you warm up with a warm rag for a few minutes put the pad on then clamp the base. You can increase the sets and time to what feels comfortable. I would say don’t go over ten minutes. Now the Horse 440 was the most incredible exercise as you clamp the bottom or the base then take your hand and squeeze the head. This will expand the shaft to a size that no other exercise can produce. Now things like pumps like the bathmate are great for temp gains so you can do these before your sessions which provide even better results. Lastly to increase the head you can clamp the base and then just below the head. This will produce a larger head which will make your 440’s even more effective. Personally this increased my girth by 1.5 inches after about a year. Yes you can cement your gains with these as well. Never overdue it, consistently do these daily with one day of rest per week while increasing the time, and sets each week. If I were to do this all over again I would’ve skipped the hanging and went straight to the clamping and horse 440’s. Having the skills combined with a “big D” does give you an extra boost in confidence with women. You will have 0 fucks about being rejected.
Feb 9, 2023
12.) Personality/game/masculine frame:

A.) I would say taking the course from Jordon Belfort and read his books is extremely important. You learn how to use tonality, how to handle objections, master body language, etc.

B.)Now the pickup artists are basically teaching people methods on how to get women but after that they leave you helpless because all you know is how to get that number. In our time right now with the unregulated sexual marketplace, game is not enough. However, it can still provide an advantage over others who are on equal ground as you (looks, money, status, athletic build, height, face, etc). Basically with women you just need to know how to have fun, make things appear effortless, spark emotions in her any emotion is better than nothing. Do not simp for her, shower her with compliments or presents. Hold masculine frame where you set the ground rules and boundaries of what she can do and say while in a relationship with you. Basically having masculine frame means you don’t text her non stop or go out of your way to meet her and you have the ability to walk away whenever you want without giving a fuck. You have the final say in decisions, you lead the way. You must have social awareness to understand when and where to sexually escalate things and use touch, hugs, kisses, etc.As for your personality, charisma, and humor along with teasing her in a joking manner are by far the things that work best.So instead of complementing and simping your break her down by finding her biggest insecurities and tease her about them in a joking manner. To make things appear effortless, plan out what you will be doing and have everything done before hand. Pay for the date up front, know where you will go what you will do what you will eat, etc. Do things that you are really good at or enjoy the most.In the west, it’s easy to pickup women now days without any effort at all.Now if you’re average even after doing all the other looksmaxing protocols well this is where you will have to increase your status.

Charisma on command on youtube is a great channel for helping with your charisma. Overall looks or status can be enough for women to approach you. That’s if you’re a 8 or above in looks or have a high level status (celebrity, pro athlete, youtuber with 1 million+ subs, etc. If you’re just average in these areas then you have to maximize your personality and you will have to be the one approaching.

So basically master your body language, tonality, learn how to sell, build up your charisma, sense of humor, learn social awareness, teasing and flirting and learn how and when to sexually escalate. So these traits can be used in the business realm and with men as well (with the exception of the sexual escalation unless that’s what you want). Your personality will set you apart especially today since 90% of dudes are socially awkward now due to porn, video games, remote jobs, etc.

13.) Wealth: Now wealth can provide you with the tools and resources to increase your attractiveness and free up your time. Females and men are not necessarily attracted to wealthy people. They’re attracted to the lifestyles they live and with more wealth it’s easier to have a more attractive lifestyle and be around more attractive people. I’ll simply cover the best ways I’ve found to increase wealth dramatically in a short period of time.

A.)Goals: You must have the goals, a plan, a vision, purpose, and habbits as well as track everything daily and revisit these daily to stay on this path.

B.) with this you will develop the skills required to become wealth and some of the top skills include sales (Jordan Belfort’s course is by far the best) copy writing, internet marketing and social media.

C.) Find the business you would like to work in and determine your niche. For me, I initially worked as a free lance copywriter in 2014. I leveraged that skill to start my own shopify business in 2015 which was in the early phases of shopify. For you this could be something else. It’s up to you to find a profitable niche and business. The strategy is something you can plan.

D.) Have a mentor and or take a course on the business you which to dominate in.

E.) Creating systems and processes and delegate specific low income producing tasks to others and start focusing on the high income producing skills that you excel at to optimize your business. The processes and systems you create will be so easy a child can do them.

F.) Expand and grow: Leverage the best social media platform for your business.I would focus on one to start then expand after figuring out how to dominate one.Make sure the business you select can easily grow without much money or time required.

G.) Once you’ve accumulated a good amount of excess capitol at around a 250k or so this is where you should begin to invest your money in markets to make the money work for you. A year after building up my capitol in Shopify I used about 20% of the excess and purchased bitcoin at around a several hundred bucks. It went 100 x plus but I failed because I didn’t understand the market timing or the cycles. I kept a decent amount in because I put that 20% in since I figured I may lose it all. Over the next three years I went hard as possible on my shopify stores and this time I was prepared. I leveraged again 20% of my gains and my previous coins and in 2020 I put all of it in cardano after the major crash. Cardano went 150x from 2 cents but I took profits out on the way up and most of my bag was out before 100x as I played it safe this time. After this I purchased my freedom with land, boxable homes, various forms of energy producing machines, water filtration systems, etc to become fully self sufficient and off grid. I sold my stores, cashed out and exchanged it for food, water, shelter, land, precious metals, surivival materials, etc. I have no more crypto, no banks, no stocks, nothing. I have some rentals for some passive income.I recommend crypto as it’s the fastest way to grow your wealth by 10x-100x within one year.During the 3 years of a bear market, that’s when I recommend people to invest in their busiensses and just before the bull market that’s the best time to invest. I used the crypto rainbow and Pie websites for timing the market which I didn’t use my first time around. The pie website gives you warnings of when the market is about to flip and it’s been 100% correct every single time.

So what are the best niches and the best businesses right now? I would say software companies are solid businesses and utilizing tik tokers as affiliates for virality to sell your products for you. Software can be built now without knowing how to code. So if can find a problem, create the software to solve it and use tik tok virality with affiliate marketing which costs $0 up front I would say that’s a great potential business.

What’s the best crypto for the next bull run? As stated before I started with bitcoin then transition to cardano. Neither of these coins will make you the 100X returns as they have in the past. You will need to find a somewhat new coin that is gaining traction and momentum.Sometimes you need to learn about the coin before it has even been a finished product and find the sites that can allow you access to it before the masses get access to it. Before you could just go on the mainstream platforms and make 100x but now we’re too late in the game for that.

What’s the best way to continue to grow your wealth and never dip ? Easy, just review the market cycles per the asset classes. Not all asset classes go up and down at the same time. When certain things go up other things go down. Study what goes up, what causes that asset to go down and how you can profit on things that go down then where to store your value while that class is in a bear market. For example I put all my wealth in myself to start to by learning how be a great copywriter and profit from it. I took this skillset and used it in my next endeavour and poured the profits into my shopify business and a mentor and a few courses. I then took a portion of that and put it into the cyrpto markets right when the bull run started and then took those profits and created more stores. Then, I sold the stores and invested into the crytpo markets again at the beginning of the bull run and took out on the way up. I could have bet against the crypto market but I had more than enough to buy my freedom by that time.I was a long term swing trader so I never did day to day options or puts or trades.To me that’s a job in itself and I didn’t have the time to do that.

Once you have hit the long term goal and no longer really care to grow or care if an assets class tanks I would say invest in real things real assets like land, farmland, livestock, seeds, food, water, filtration systems, electricity producing equipment, etc.
Feb 9, 2023
H.) Best Books To Upgrade Your Wealth:

Time is Money by Aiden Nolan

2. Scientific Advertising by Claude C. Hopkins

3. The Art of War by Sun Tzu

4. The Millionaire Master Plan by Roger James Hamilton

5. The Changing World Order by Ray Dalio

6. Shop Management by Frederick Winslow Taylor

7. High Output Management by Andrew S. Grove

8. Your Next Five Moves by Patrick Bet-David

9. The 5 Levels of Leadership by John Maxwell

10. The Lords of Easy Money by Cristopher Leonard

11. Bitcoin: A Peer to Peer Electronic Cash System by Satoshi Nakamoto

12.) Work less make more by James Shcramko

13.) psychology of influence by Dr. Robert Cialdini

14.) The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy

The belief that knowledge is power is a lie. Knowledge only becomes power if you take what you learn and put it into practice instantly and turn it into wisdom. Whenever you learn something, write it down in your own words and implement it immediately into your own business or life in general. Knoweledge without action would make you a philosopher or a teacher. The people who dominate the business world are normally those who didn't go to college but instead learned by doing not by just accumulating knowledge.

14.) Semen retention and sexual transmutation:

Basically, semen retention optimizes your hormones and nutrient levels to maximize your brain functioning and athletic performance. Sexual transmutation is the process in which you take this energy from the lowest chakra and move it up to the brain from where it came from to activate millions of domrant neurons and to activate your genes which assist the body in living vastly longer lifespans than you would’ve ever possibly imagined. Qi Gong, meditation and proper sexual habits are what can help you achieve this process. I wrote a paper on how the bible is a beautiful guide to complete this process.The oldest man in recorded recent history in Li Ching-Yuen was able to live to 256 years of age. He learned from hermits who lived over 500 years of age (according to him) with practices such as qi gong,semen retention /sexual transmutation, and powerful longevity herbs like he shou wu. I would recommend daily practice of Qigong for one hour per day which is part of sexual transmutation. Sex in itself is degeneracy unless done for the purpose of creating children. It’s illogical to drain your seed for these temporary pleasures as you are essentially killing yourself faster and draining your life force to make you less of a man

15.) Journal: Have a master journal for everything (diet, exercise, business, goals, purpose, vision, habits, thoughts, ideas, feeling, health, wealth, etc. Track everything, organize it in a manner that makes sense to you. Learn from your mistakes and come up with ideas to prevent those mistakes from ever happening again.

16.) Attire and accessories: Now this is not my speciality but I would say a great store to check out is buckle. Find some well fitted clothes with a good style and suit or bring out your best qualities. Also, get a few taylor made suits for specific occasions. As for accessories like watches, shades, necklaces, etc this is all up to you but again go with things that match your size, shape and color. I would never overdue these things because it will start to make you look goofy
Feb 9, 2023
17.) Mindset: Now that you have everything else including the goals you need to have the belief system and the mechanisms to put you on the right track. I would highly recommend Joe Despenza’s books, website and interviews. Consume as much as you can from his work. In summary if you use the power of meditation, visualization, thoughts and emotions and go from thinking to feeling to being combined with consistently practicing these things daily you will make these things come true with the power of quantum physics and accessing the quantum field or universal consciousness. We're 99.99% energy and the quantum field has unlimited possibilities meaning we're truly unlimited to what we can achieve in life. Now one could argue that time is a limiting factor. I argue if we can activate, create and or change our genes as proven with science then perhaps we can activate or create or develop the genes required for immortality to make time a non factor. Now the only limiting factor is yourr own belief system.

How to get started? Well first you need to write down your purpose, your vision and your goals. Make a dream board to look at daily. Write down the daily habits you need to achieve those goals. Write down the micro short term goals to achieve those long term goals. Write down the skills you need to acquire and how you will acquire them to achieve those goals. This will give you a burning desire to get started and if you ever get off track revisit these and punish yourself in some way to prevent this from happening again. Reward yourself for reaching short and long term goals.

Now that you have written down the goals, journaling your habits, you have your blue prints to success now it’s time to build momentum. If you read the book the compound effect you will learn how to do this. This will keep you on track and continue making small wins and prevent yourself from stopping your positive or winning daily routines.
Feb 9, 2023

1.) Whim Hof method: this is great to boost your meditation practices, prevent disease, exposure to cold showers, and overall increase your feeling of well being.

2.) Don’t eat out or eat exotic foods and be careful with foods going bad.I learned the hard way with this.

3.) The mirror is your best friend because it allows you to see all your flaws and will give you instant feedback if you’re doing the right things or not. I would say take very close pics and take measurements and track daily. Your body is your masterpiece your sculpture and every day you’re doing whatever you can to perfect it and this goes with your wealth, health, and personality as well. Develop your self awareness and use introspection to your advantage. You have to be your biggest critic.

4.) Video game mode: you can set up this system like a video game and for each habit you complete daily or each win or goal you achieve then you reward yourself and upgrade character. However, if you slip then you punish yourself but it’s a learning experience which will in the long term make your character stronger.

5.) Status: The old school ways of becoming famous by becoming a celebrity, singer, pro athlete, etc takes a ton of time. The fastest way to max out your status without having to go into these professions would be to utilize either tik tok or Instagram. Now these are geared towards rigging the game for more attractive people. However with enough creativity, looksmaxing, editing, I believe you can develop a large following on these platforms. I've seen many ugly dudes make it on tik tok and Instagram but you must be creative. Instead of devoting 10 years to making it as a celebrity, pro athlete, singer, etc now you can leverage these platforms and do it within a year or 2. I never cared for status or if people will remember my name as that's irrelevant to me and I actually prefer privacy over status. It would be too mentally exhausting for me to have millions of people to know me and I would despise that life. However, these are just a few of the observations I made where normal looking dudes can and have developed a high level of status in a quick period of time.

6.) Mentors: They don't always need to be directly mentoring you because you have access to their books, interviews, courses, etc. Also, they don't always need to be alive either. My best mentors are long dead but have provided me with a ton of help to upgrade my life. My best mentors include Yashua, King Solomon, Leonardo Da Vinci, and Nikola Tesla.

7.) Turn off mainstream media, social media (accept for the very few that help you reach your goals), get off the message boards including here (unless you have met your goals or have some kind of an accountability buddy system going on), stop chasing women, no more porn or lude content, etc.

8.) Fill up your entire day in 30 minute chunks the previous night for what you will be doing and what you must accomplish for that day. Leave little room for time to just kill which makes you susceptible to slip up.
Feb 9, 2023
Future low IQ responses from the peanut gallery:

1) DNR too long

2.) You’re a fag

3.) You’re an idiot

4.) You’re a racist homophobic LGBTQPedo hater

5.) Too long nobody has time to read that shit

6.) Nobody cares and I speak for everybody

7.) You have a small PP

8.) Tales from your mom’s basement

9.) Are you ok bro?

10.) I want what this guy is smoking

11.) Don’t do drugs bro

12.) Get a life

13.) You're a loser
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Feb 9, 2023
God dammit you wrote a fukin' book! 🤣 thanks for taking the time 🙂

No problem my guy.

Which thing did you find most interesting or that you would like to work on?

I just started Joe Despenza's meditations a couple months ago and read two of his books. I would like to go to one of his in-person courses. The power of our minds is simply amazing. I know Nikola Tesla spoke about this universal consciousness quite frequently. Yashua within the Gospel of Thomas said to pray we must use thought and emotion and believe it has already happened. So in a way I already knew of this method and was practicing it but he takes this and fine tunes it and perfects it to a level I have not achieved. If I were to start all over again and select two books as my foundation to build on I would go with the compound effect and Breaking the Habit of Being yourself by Joe Despenza.


Sep 19, 2021
No problem my guy.

Which thing did you find most interesting or that you would like to work on?

I just started Joe Despenza's meditations a couple months ago and read two of his books. I would like to go to one of his in-person courses. The power of our minds is simply amazing. I know Nikola Tesla spoke about this universal consciousness quite frequently. Yashua within the Gospel of Thomas said to pray we must use thought and emotion and believe it has already happened. So in a way I already knew of this method and was practicing it but he takes this and fine tunes it and perfects it to a level I have not achieved. If I were to start all over again and select two books as my foundation to build on I would go with the compound effect and Breaking the Habit of Being yourself by Joe Despenza.
I saved the thread because it looks interesting...I'll read it through later tonight, so thanks for taking the time...we're all trying to better ourselves, so who knows ows where it may help, but I'll read it 🙂


Dec 10, 2020
No problem my guy.

Which thing did you find most interesting or that you would like to work on?

I just started Joe Despenza's meditations a couple months ago and read two of his books. I would like to go to one of his in-person courses. The power of our minds is simply amazing. I know Nikola Tesla spoke about this universal consciousness quite frequently. Yashua within the Gospel of Thomas said to pray we must use thought and emotion and believe it has already happened. So in a way I already knew of this method and was practicing it but he takes this and fine tunes it and perfects it to a level I have not achieved. If I were to start all over again and select two books as my foundation to build on I would go with the compound effect and Breaking the Habit of Being yourself by Joe Despenza.
Put the fucking LSD down and walk away!
Feb 9, 2023
Just from the title sounds a lil gay
Future low IQ responses from the peanut gallery covered this with comment #2.

With that being said the title is now How to become an ALPHA Male Chad Top G and Kill Your Inner Beta/Simp.

Andrew Tate before looksmaxing, wealth maxxing, charisma maxxing

Andrew Tate after Wealth Maxxing and Nerd Maxxing

Andrew Tate after Prison Maxxing, Looksmaxxing, wealth maxxing, Charisma Maxxing, Beard maxxing, etc.
He has now transformed into the Top G.
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