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Im going home in a little bit today


Your(e)humble servant
Jan 8, 2021
I am afraid I'm going to explode shit in my Mom's Mercedes otw back to their place in myrtle. It is a 1hr45min ride for me. Probably a 2.5hr ride w her and my Dad bickering the entire way.
Just had to get a bunch of vaccines bc now I have no spleen
Meningitis A,B
Pneumonia bacterial.
They wanted me to take a a bunch of others and I said nope. Give me what was available in 1980.
I get a Tetanus every yr or so so I'm not anti vaccine. I'm against mRNA.
Once I get my cell phone reconfigured w a Sim card I'll be back on daily.
This has monkeyed up my plans on moving my shop and home back to Myrtle. I'm just going to take it easy and not stress.
Broke away from here today and walked .25mile for my Kodiak. Was nice to mopve around outside. Helped my entire body to walk that distance.
Now I have to get back to 170lb and stay away from hard work and infections. When I get to my folks I'll have wifi.

AMA if I can answer I will. I doubt I'll be sleeping much tonight.
I'll post pics of the gnarly shit and keep everyone posted on my pancreatic discharge I have a drain for.
My dogs are going to go apeshit. I'm a little scared about that right now. Not so much big boy but that little Luna is gonna be a hurricane when she sees me.
Thanks for any prayers yall posted up to God for me. MUSC is a pretty amazing place.
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