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Master Thread Posts that don’t deserve their own thread…:thread

Master Threads


Mar 24, 2023

The Truth About the Nazis with Stephen Hicks​

00:00 Intro
01:53 Philosophical Roots of National Socialism
11:37 Why the Nazis Rejected Liberal Values
20:12 Were the Nazis Socialists?
30:18 The Difference Between Fascism and National Socialism
37:39 Hitler as “The Working Man’s Friend”
42:26 Nazism as a Cultural Revolution: Education, Anti-Semitism, Ethnic Feuds
47:05 Exporting Nazism Through Conquest and War
51:18 Finding Meaning in Modern Society: Liberalism vs Collectivist Ideologies
01:01:26 What Are We Not Talking About That We Really Should Be?



Mar 24, 2023

Oliver Anthony with Jordan Peterson: Art, Commerce, and the Religious | EP 382​

(0:00) Coming up
(0:34) Intro
(1:31) Collecting country music
(6:31) Classical music, how music resonates with us
(8:20) What about “Rich Men North of Richmond” caused it to go so viral?
(12:15) The ideology behind “selling out”
(15:37) Turning down 8 million dollars, what really matters
(19:01) The personal impact of touching on people’s hardship
(21:04) Advice for living in the public sphere
(24:54) The sacred has collapsed into the profane: meaning and performance
(28:02) The best music is often written in the worst of times
(32:38) The establishment media has become irrelevant, choosing the right partners
(40:20) Staying at the personal level
(41:40) Dr. Peterson’s friend Chris, how the story impacted Oliver
(44:36) The importance of humility, meet & greets, speaking to the individual
(49:28) The weight of hopelessness, the loss of common ground
(54:33) Self improvement in the public eye, bridging what you lack with the people you need
(57:41) Oliver Anthony on his personal use of the Self Authoring and Understand Myself programs
(1:04:01) Where there is no vision, people perish
(1:06:27) The retail dystopian nightmare America has become
(1:09:13) Oliver on convincing his wife to live in the woods
(1:11:00) How scripture has parallels across our lives
(1:13:19) When Moses noticed the burning bush, investigate what calls to you
(1:17:02) Taking in the last few weeks: family, vision, and play
(1:19:54) Where to place your faith, staving off the ease of bitterness
(1:23:42) Republicans and Democrats: where we are right now
(1:27:47) Why God must be placed at the highest
(1:31:16) When you start to think about the future
(1:35:18) False urgency and the justification of fear
(1:36:36) Appearing on the Joe Rogan Experience
(1:38:00) Last minute gig at the Comedy Mothership
(1:39:16) Why we trust Joe Rogan
(1:40:57) Philosopher Man
(1:42:16) The world has a dream like quality to it… so dream
(1:43:02) ARC and shaping a positive vision for the world’s future
(1:47:25) Everything we do echoes



Jan 9, 2021

gimmie that greens and corn bread over that tacos.


Aug 26, 2023
Man I'm bummed out. I thought I had maybe 12 of an 18 pack. I cracked a beer and all good. I teach in and there are only 4 left. I won't drive if I've had anything at all. So I guess it is either wine or smoke only when the Cocks play.
All I can think about was there I was on the beer aisle and all I had to do was grab it. Well not again folks.
This shit has to stop. Always get more beer. It isn't going to go bad.
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