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Bounty Bucks Shop/Prizes


Dec 1, 2020
We are going to eventually move most of the Crootn Quests / Bounty Bucks stuff over to the Bounty Board forum to keep it from cluttering this one up.

In the meantime, you can find our temporary Bounty Bucks Shop up over there - pretty much everything is limited in number right now and it will be first come, first serve until we get the other products - which should be soon):

Also, I would like to give out Grand Prizes to the top 3 earners between now and the 4th of July. We will have a special 4th of July event because it is a holiday that is very closely connected to the Spirit of the Forum. I want to have pretty good prizes so I'm thinking of a budget (not cash, but budget to buy the prize) something like this ($300 First prize, $100 Second prize, $50 third prize).

Let me know if you have an idea for the Grand prizes.
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