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Chris Farley

Misunderstood lurker
Jan 16, 2021
I’m your host, @Chris Farley. Come on in, the water’s just right!




As Jake reported a few days ago, I have been Zucc’ed… and I’m not surprised. When you spread truth, the thought police shut you down. There were no warnings, and there is zero evidence that my personal profile existed; didn’t even receive an “are you sure you want to delete” option.

I started this group almost a year ago, basically just to meme dump things that I related to with a small group of buddies, but didn’t want to post publicly for obvious reasons. Eventually, it grew and I realized I created a safe space 😂 for the ones that society deems as “Toxically Masculine”. Once we reached over 100 members, I offered you all the option to invite personal friends who would appreciate it for what it was. Everyone that I didn’t know personally was carefully vetted due to the “extremist” content that was posted. Anywho, it makes me feel good because, as Jake said, it means we’ve done something right. We were getting too big for them to handle. It’s time to move forward in our quest for spreading truth.

Any of you that are/were avid college football fans may remember rivals.com, owned by Yahoo. It was a recruiting website used for analyzing talented high schoolers. It also had a message board called “The Mainboard”. This was a place where anyone could post anything… that is until around November of 2020. What happened then? Only one of the most awakening events in our modern history: the stolen presidential election. After that, you may also remember the country and the world taking a complete 180 and things like censorship completely took over… helping catapult things like “toxic masculinity”. Even the one place where we were able to have a voice, The Mainboard, was completely overrun with censorship and an abundance of trolls, both human and bots alike.

So, within just a month, a steadfast patriot (whom is now a personal friend of mine) who happens to be a professional software engineer, bought the necessary mainframes and hardware and started his own website/server called “The Free Speech Forum”. They launched it and it swiftly grew. I called my buddy and told him about our little group and how I’ve been erased and asked him if he could create our own personal forum on his servers… and now, it is so.

I am proud of what we created and we will not stop because Mark Cuckerburg is a global-elitist scum who censors red blooded patriots and FREE Americans. I am happy to announce we have a new home on The Free Speech Forum, where everything is protected from your identity to your pocket book. This is 100% free and you choose whatever handle you want to come up with. At the bottom of this post will be the link to join.

**Ground Rules & Getting-to-Know**

  1. Myself and Tim Lowe will be the mods. This is based on the idea of free speech, so I am not going to post a shit ton of rules but all I ask is that you respect everyone in the group. We are a solid mix of white, black, red, yellow, green, blue, blah blah blah. We have men in here from all backgrounds and walks of life, and belief systems all over the spectrum; but we all share one thing in common; we are all good men who have solid morals, values, and ethics. We just want to be the best husbands, fathers, and overall men we can be.
  2. Obviously if you are in here, you’ve got to have thick skin. That said, don’t take it overboard. We are all big boys, and we all know when something may go to far. Don’t be that guy. See item #1.
  3. The Free Speech Forum is the main hub. Once you arrive to the site, you’ll be asked to create an account. Simply follow the instructions and you will see what it’s all about. Feel free to roam around. I would recommend the thread “Dance your cares away”… lots of up to date stuff on what’s going on in the world.
  4. Because it is based on free speech, my buddy and his partners can’t NOT accept new members, so of course there will be trolls in there. The new version of Toxic just like on fuckbook will be private and hidden. The link provided below will allow you into the group. Stand by for sharing instructions.
  5. This is 100% free and 100% secure. They have their own hardware and servers and are professionals when it comes to cyber security. We now have a forever home where we don’t have to worry about censorship.
  6. The format is of a message board, meaning you can create your own thread for whatever you’d like. There will be three threads I started once you gain access. One is “Welcome to TMAC” which will just be this message copied and pasted. The second will be called “The World Awakened”. This will be primarily for all worldly 3D things such as politics, and what’s going on in the world today. The third will be called “The Spirit Awakened”. I realize many are still in the beginning stages of waking up to all of this stuff, and a lot of what I post particularly may go over some people’s heads, and you may not agree or believe in any of it; so I’m trying to keep the two categories separate for now, but we’ll just see how it goes… this thread will be for the more spiritually advanced stuff.

Thank you gentlemen for helping me create something that spreads awakening and truth to the masses. We are experiencing a shift in global consciousness as we speak, and to the ones that are awake, it is our duty to help the ones that are just wiping the sleep from their weary eyes. Welcome, Tribe… welcome to version 2.0, The Toxic Masculinity Appreciation Club!

The Free Speech Forum’s main site:


The Toxic Masculinity Appreciation Club:

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