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11 year old forced to have an abortion by court order

Jul 1, 2023
AZ explained the pregnancy made her feel "special," according to Arbuthnot, and her mother "supported AZ’s position."

A health board, however, applied for "declarations that termination of pregnancy would be in her best interests." A mental health consultant additionally argued that the girl "lacked competence" to carry through with the pregnancy, and a team of health specialists said the birth posed serious health risks to the girl, the Sun reported.

The judge agreed with the experts and ordered the girl to get an abortion, which was scheduled for this week.

"Her views involved ‘naive magical thinking’ in her approach to the pregnancy," the judge added.

"The risks to AZ are significant. I was particularly struck by the evidence about the impact of the size of AZ’s anatomy: whereas many adult women struggle with the pain of childbirth, a child of eleven is likely to have a much worse experience," the judge said.

Court documents stemming from a private hearing last month have since been publicly released and show that a 10-year-old girl only identified as AZ was raped by a 14-year-old boy she met online. She was reportedly raped a few weeks later by another 14-year-old boy after her 11th birthday, the Independent reported.

"She became pregnant after being raped by a 14-year-old she met on the internet when she was aged 10, on the 18th or 21st of May 2023," London High Court judge Emma Arbuthnot, known professionally as Mrs. Justice Arbuthnot, said in her ruling.

"She was raped by another 14-year-old boy on the 11th of June 2023, but he did not make her pregnant."

The judge ordered investigators to collect tissue from the girl’s placenta for forensic testing as part of a criminal investigation into the alleged rape.

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