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The Three Bears?


Feb 2, 2021
And baby bear said, “Someone’s been sleeping in my bed too. And she’s still there.” And Mama Bear, seeing this human in such close proximity to her cub, had every veneer of civility stripped away as her protective instincts were fully awakened.

She clamped her steel trap jaws onto the milky white throat of the sleeping child and wrenched her from the bed of her cub. Her two inch canines sank into the flesh around the girls trachea, piercing her carotid artery in several places. Hot bright red blood sprayed across the walls and floor during the merciless attack.

Finally the limp and lifeless body of the golden haired human laid on the floor in front of the family of bears. They called the police, and Mama Bear threw herself on the mercy of the court. The judge, however was having none of it. He sentenced her to be put down as a nuisance bear.

Afterwards, Papa Bear, filled with resentment over the loss of his wife, turned his back on Baby Bear. He left and went to Las Vegas, where he ultimately ended up sweeping trash up at an adult book store. Baby Bear grew up on his own and predictably held every blonde haired girl responsible for his unhappiness. The media called him the Goldilocks Killer.

The sad part is that later on it was discovered that the “child” sleeping in the bed was a dwarf transvestite pedophile with a teddy bear fetish. Life is strange, huh?
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