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Do you maintain a household budget?

Do you maintain a household budget?

  • Yes

  • No

  • I'd like to learn

  • My budget is what's in my pocket....WOOOO HOOOOOO!!

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Jan 8, 2021
I very loosely began maintaining a budget in my 20s. It was unsophisticated and served no end other than to keep me from overdrawing.

Now I keep a budget for me, my wife, and the household. We allocate to a household account based on our percent of the overall income.

I also maintain a separate budget for the LLC we own with my siblings (and their husbands). We acquire rental properties within walking distance of a major state university.

I've learned along the way how budgeting interweaves with financing and time in creating structure around reaching short and long term goals.

Overall I probably spend 2 hours a month in a 10 tab Excel file plugging in updated numbers and playing around with optimization of debt structure, cash flow allocation, or whatever.
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