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Jul 27, 2023
*PSA: For the TLDR crowd: Tbh I can't be fucked summarizing shit for any of ya lazy TLDR crybabies-so my advice is: either skip to the end for pics, dump whatever shit posts ya must & then fuck off—or instead, waste no time at all and simply fuck off immediately.😎

Alrighty, so to start, if not already clearly apparent... any success for nzfsf.nz will also be success for tfsf too.

If anyone here is inclined towards tfsf's long-term success & feels motivated to actually effort in assisting for this end—then please do consider supporting nzfsf.nz, whether simply joining as a token gesture, or even becoming a legendary GC by participating with our fledgling NZ based branch of The Free Speech Forum international community network.

If not already obvious, the fact that nzfsf.nz has now come to exist at all...

...is a result of—& overwhelmingly thanks to—each Founding TFSF member having had embarked upon creating The Free Speech Forum.

Without the efforts of whom would never have impressed a random cunty NZer so much so as to become sufficiently motivated towards establishing the foundations for our NZ branch of The Free Speech Forum—(*Note: all while singlehandedly battling endless hordes of anti-free speech - pro-censorship tongue cutting spastics-at significant personal cost.)

Below this spoiler, to provide a visual example, are desktop screenshots presenting the full current main page overview of nzfsf.nz.
No doubt most of ya will already be somewhat familiar with the feral cunt of a tfsf-member that I -'CuriousFiend'- generally present my-digital-self as here @-tfsf...

...and so therefore it would be reasonably expected that I'd probably be no less of a feralized cunt as the Administrator for nzfsf.nz.

However that would be an inaccurate assumption based on my -very few fucks to give- behaviour as a regular tfsf member-like any other-who does not bare tfsf Administrative & overall community leadership responsibilities for tfsf.

Whereas @nzfsf.nz I do indeed bare the full Administration & community leadership responsibilities.

Although of course I can be a cunt at any given moment—yet the standard practice as nzfsf.nz Administrator is that I am bound to conduct myself and my duties for the community responsibly-within reason-at all times.

Therefore my administrative duties will be performed from a reasonably neutral position of logically founded community premised arbitration intended to serve the best interests for each individual nzfsf.nz member as well as the whole of the nzfsf.nz community—and always regardless whether I personally agree or disagree with any nzfsf.nz members perspectives.

(*We also have an upgrade which provides all members the option to freely self-delete their own account at any time.)

Additional note: From the beginning-at nzfsf.nz we-(*me & Booksurfer1)-have intended to encourage, support, collaborate with & promote as many independent-constructive initiatives created by other individuals & groups as we possibly can.

*All members have full unrestricted access to & use of everything @nzfsf.nz, including our specialised Link Directory & Showcase add-on's features which allow for members freely promoting/advertising our community's member's own websites, content, products, services & etcetera.
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