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Vernon Jones steps up in 1980

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Jan 7, 2021

“I’m a black MAGA man,” former state Rep. Vernon Jones, a Democrat-turned-Republican, said about his gubernatorial challenge to Gov. Brian Kemp (R-GA), on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Sunday with host Joel Pollak.

Jones said, “I supported Donald Trump in 2016, but people laughed at me. No one from the media paid any attention because they didn’t think he could win, but he did. Right now, again, the liberal media [are] doing this to me because I’m their worst nightmare. I’m a black MAGA man with a strong legislative experience — 12 years as a legislator, eight years as a county executive — I’ve run a government.”

He continued, “I have more executive experience than Brian Kemp or anybody else thinking about running [for governor], and Stacey Abrams has none at all. The only thing she’s ever run was her mouth. What Georgians are looking for is a fighter, and I’m a proven fighter. I am not afraid of the left. I am not afraid of the ragged liberal media.”


Kemp’s “lack of leadership” contributed to Republican losses of Georgia’s two U.S. Senate seats, Jones assessed. He said Sens. Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock benefited from Kemp’s conduct.

Because of “Gov. Brian Kemp, we lost two United States Senate seats and President Trump’s election,” he stated. “Why? Because this governor [is] intimidated by Stacey Abrams. He allowed her, along with the Secretary of State and the Attorney General from Georgia, to come in and change our election laws. [They did] it through an agreement, through a settlement.”

According to Jones, changes to election regulations in Georgia related to voting during the 2020 election season circumvented the Peach State’s constitution.

“The Constitution in Georgia is very clear. Only the members of the Georgia General Assembly have the ability to do [change election rules],” he remarked. “Even then, the governor, after the elections in November, could have called a special session [in which] you could address a lot of those issues.”
Jones added, “[Georgia’s] attorney general could have filed a lawsuit to get a declaratory judgment on whether or not that was constitutional — those changes that they made — but he couldn’t, because his hands were on [those changes] as well as the governor’s hands. … The governor had a chance to call [a] special election. He didn’t do it.”

He went on, “[Kemp] didn’t fight for Donald Trump. More importantly, he didn’t fight for those of us who felt like our votes were not being counted, the election integrity, all the election fraud, all the clouds over the current voting system, among other things.”

“Kemp abandoned Georgia’s conservatives,” Jones determined.

“This governor has been more of a RINO,” Jones said. “When the president was there for him, the president didn’t waiver, and then when [Trump] needed [Kemp] just to campaign on behalf of Georgians and stand up for Georgians, he didn’t. I felt, after talking to many voters across the state, they were saying and feeling they wanted someone to fight and you know, I’m no stranger to a fight.”

He added, “I’m the only candidate that can beat Stacey Abrams. The governor is afraid of her. The governor can’t bring to the table what I can bring in a general election. I can bring over voters from the Democratic Party, those who feel disenfranchised, those who feel the party’s out of touch but are afraid to say something because of cancel culture and so many other things. Not only are we going to win, we’ll win by a landslide with that amount of support.”
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