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Desantis is running. Not official yet, but..... (link)...


Dec 10, 2020


Jan 15, 2021
Media and Dems are fucked. They really need an orange man bad character to help push their ratings and rally the base. They also really need to win Florida Gubernatorial in ‘22 to help pave the way for 2024 nationally.

So, they can ignore him and he’ll be a slam dunk to win Florida and end up controlling a pivotal state for whoever runs against Biden in 2024. Or they can attack him to drive ratings and rally the dem base, but also rally the trump base and make him a national character with free advertising like we saw in the 60 min hit piece. And most likely still winning Florida and being a powerful candidate in 2024.

For those now watching, I think the 2022 election is going to really show if he’s capable of running on a national stage. He nearly lost to a ghey meth addict in his first election. And the ghey meth addict barely won his own dem primary. DeSantis’ problem was his ability to stick his foot in his mouth. One point he said Gillum was going to monkey shit up, or something to that effect, and of course the media jumped all over DeSantis and tried to paint him as a racist. If he can clean up some of the gaffs and stumbles, which he seems to have done with this covid stuff, he’ll be a stronger more refined candidate. If I were the Dems, I’d ignore him and chalk Florida up to a loss and then if DeSantis ran, let him flounder through obscurity in the Rep primaries.
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