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Master Thread Dance Your Cares Away/Fraggle/Law Abiding Citizens

Master Threads


Dec 10, 2020
I'm guessing you're a #2 @Jake Broe Stan

Two major types of beta male predators exist:

1. The male feminist, who falsely inserts himself into the male hierarchy by attending women’s movements to prey on vulnerable women for casual sex. Often times these movements benefit his desire to use women consequence free, like pro-abortion rallies. This behavior inflates his illusion that he is masculine but that illusion is fragile because he is weak and selfish. He will verbally abuse and humiliate any woman who catches on to him. This male plays the hero.

2. The male autogynephiliac who dresses like a woman for sexual gratification. He finds power in accessing female spaces, being violent with women, beating women in sports, beating women at being women. He will using the government, the courts, and sympathetic media and activists to enforce his fetish, and overpower and humiliate any woman who stands up to him. This male plays the victim.

Both these predator types are narcissists, often with Machiavellian and psychopathic tendencies, who both seek only to harm and overpower women in different ways for sexual satisfaction.
Yep. He thinks Ukraine is winning because they crossed a river. That's what they were waiting for all summer.... was to cross a river and now all the Russian will die. Hes so phuking stupid I think he might actually be Somalian.


Mar 24, 2023
Some real mental cases here....

It's crazy and utterly disqualifying in itself that "Eunuch Identity" made it into the World Professional Association of Transgender Healthcare's "standards of care".

But the story is actually much darker: so dark that it's difficult to discuss the story because its reality is so crazy that the people recounting it seem crazy themselves.

An academic who had a role in creating the standards of care and gave a talk on Eunuch Identity at the WPATH symposium was a leading member of the Eunuch Archive, an online forum for castration fetishists that plays host to thousands of fictional stories including hundreds about the sexual abuse and castration of children.
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