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911 Discussion


Jan 8, 2021
This is the best 911 doc I've seen. I was surprised that it's still on YouTube. I found it strange that video and commentary would stop/blackout at certain parts (ex. when talking about putting beer cans and newspapers in the steel beam prior to welding) throughout.
I noticed at the 43-45 min mark, thermite was mentioned, tucker carlson was the talking head on msnbc. He got rattled by the byu professor.
I know everyone loves tucker (I was fooled by him and Fox News too) but they're all just highly paid crisis actors.
Remember, all the talking heads sign NDAs and get paid millions when they leave their companies.

Thanks for sharing. Wasn't expecting to start my Sunday off with a 90+ min 911 doc.


Dec 10, 2020

Good interview with a guy who was tracking some of the 911 hijackers. He knew what they were up to and tried to get action taken and he was stopped. It is shocking that his story isn't more widely known. He wanted to arrest them and was told by the fbi... I think it was, that they couldn't arrest foreign nationals with what they had and they couldn't deport them either. It's a suicide pact man.
Jul 9, 2022
WTC7 is the smoking gun. The greatness and inconsistency of the story is how it was sold.= and the stuborness of the public

1.) Concrete and steel building do not collapse in a fire. It happened once in history, and it was on 9-11-2001

2.) The "pilots" could not have flown those planes into those buildings with any level of precision. This has been verified by countless experts, 2 of which i 'know" personally, and verified recently again. You cant go from Cessna to 747. Takes years and years. John Lear, or the "Lear Jet" company has said countless time that (level of accuracy) it is impossible, especially twice on the same day.

The devil is in the details.

I was in AFG in late 2001-2002, and wore a "HotRod Magazine" hat while punishing innocent Hadjis for something they were not apart of. I changed the lives of severaL dozen directly, and man I am glad I found Jesus.

where you at @AmericanViking
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