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🛑🛑She actually believes this, you know....


Sep 22, 2023
🛑🛑She actually believes this, you know....

Make no mistake. I am no Trump supporter. OTOH, AOC is beyond annoying. Trump has not been found guilty of any crime related to sedition, violence or insurrection over the Jan. 6 rally. Who really gives a damn what AOC thinks except the dumb asses that put her into office?

If her district is as bad as the reports say, doesn't that speak to the caliber of people she represents? If Congress had any integrity, they would start bringing up the destroyers of America up for impeachment one by one. AOC has done more to harm this country than Trump was ever able to do. As a matter of fact, this country probably won't last another generation with Democrats having any say in the future of the United States.

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