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Why Modern Comics Suck


Mar 24, 2023

Why Modern Comics Suck, and Why We Love Batman. || The Clifton Duncan Podcast 48: CHUCK DIXON​

Chuck Dixon is the most prolific scripter in the history of comic books, with well over 40,000 pages of comics in publication.

His work on both Batman and the "Punisher" are considered seminal to those franchises. He contributed the majority of the writing done on the legendary 'Knightfall' event for the Batman comic, which formed the basis for Christopher Nolan’s "Dark Knight" trilogy (he also co-created the iconic villain Bane, with Graham Nolan), and is also the co-creator of the Birds of Prey comic series with Jordan B. Gorfinkel.

Characters he’s created for both DC and Marvel have appeared repeatedly in movies, television, and games and his adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien’s "The Hobbit" remains an international bestseller thirty years after its first publication.

Chuck is also known worldwide, with comics written specifically for the European and Indian markets.

He remains a major player in the growing world of independent comics, with dozens of new titles produced in recent years, and has written more than thirty novels (including his popular "Levon Cade" series and his recent "Conan the Barbarian" novel).



Dec 10, 2020
Chuck is a real dude. I've seen him talk a few times and he doesn't hold his thoughts on the woke nonsense.

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