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Why is a financial relationship with China bad?

Oler Ted

Apr 17, 2021
I don’t think a financial relationship in general is bad, it’s just all the dynamics of our current relationship are fucked. We bend over backwards to them and they steal all of our intellectual property at no cost to them


B2B Champ/ Feels Great to be King!
Jan 9, 2021
Well, first of all...they never truly honor any agreement. The constantly manipulate the value of their currency.


Jan 9, 2021
it’s not a level playing field. Since Nixon and detente, China has been waving the billion people marketplace that companies want to tap and are blindsided.
Ask any company doing business with China,,, forced IP, they team up your company with a China company to steal your IP, and install a ccp member to force decisions.

No US telecom equipment manufacturer can do business in china. CCP does the commie tactic of making everyone feel guilty for expelling their spying technology. And they expect you to bend over. This is why when trump made allegations the CCP on unfair trade tactics, the CCP didn’t know how to respond because they had to make things right since they were accused. Study this tactic when negotiating with Chyna.

Tesla was one of the few companies not required for force IP, but this has turned sour lately. Forced to apologize when some lady during the auto show jumped on the Tesla and started yelling about Tesla car killing her family. Tesla was forced to apologize. There is a big smear campaign by the ccp to promote the local rip off ev manufactures. Oh reminds me, their culture is to copy and produce fake products. Copying is a sign of respect and not frowned upon. Also there are cutthroat business competing stories where the get competitors thrown in jail.

As mentioned currency is manipulated. There’s a internal currency and external currency. Outsiders are not allowed to buy stock.. have to go thru HK exchange.

did you know it’s cheaper to send postage from China to the US than you sending a package across town? Treaties from the 1800s are still in place.Trump tried to revoke these, but not sure how far he got.

Starting with GW with favorable trade status, WTO and continued with nobama and Biden has really screwed us.

the human rights violations are crazy to think especially after hitler with the never let this happen again.

polution and environment is a after thought. Costs are cheaper because of this.

Im sure there’s more and other ways to articulate the response.


Shaping the Future of Reality
Jan 12, 2021
Having a financial relationship with China is like having a relationship with a cancerous tumor in your brain. It's just a matter of time before it eats you up and leaves a rotting corpse. @Chris Farley

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