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Where your money go 1/23/21 edition

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Dec 1, 2020
Currently, we are closing in on $25,000 in donations.

I might miss something but here is what we have spent:

$2000 - 1 year of enterprise server
$2000 - Stipend for @Croot_Lord for all the work he has done so far
$500 - Bonus to @JackOfSpeed for helping us resolve the site loading problem
$5000 - Branding agency
$250 - Paid to set up a digital storefront - hope to have this up in about a week as some of our branding emerges

We have had some fees from GoFundMe that are service charges. Not ideal, but we weren't expecting the scale of the donations and weren't able to move away as quickly as we wanted. The new donation structure should be better.

Going forward:

Our main expenses are going to be paying our developers/inters.

Hoping to get @JackOfSpeed on full time and he's prob going to cost us about $4,000 a month. He will be doing administration, web development and some software design.

@Croot_Lord is going to help with some software development and keep contributing in the same fashion at a cost of around $1-2k a month.

I'm probably going to invest another $2500 with the branding company because the work they have done for us so far is lights out - ya'll should start seeing results emerge soon. I've also got some legal fees to pay, and am going to get set up with a CPA so there will be some costs there.

I've also got a couple other heavy hitters that are helping contribute voluntarily for now.

I'll share the books with everyone once we get everything cleaned up in the next couple months.

Not open for further replies.
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