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What did the Jews actually do?


Nov 15, 2022
Just watched this. I don't care about the religious differences or cultural differences. If they want to look and act different I don't care.

It's the children that bothers me. Nearly all gentile countries have negative population growth right now. One big reason for this is money. Most people don't have the money to raise more than one or two kids.

For Jewish people it's normal to have a dozen kids. Then those kids go on to have a dozen kids. They have arranged marriages at 16 and by the time a Jewish man is 50 they will have over a hundred grandkids. This is normal.

How do they get the money to raise all these kids? They are living in gentile countries and doing this. They are replacing the gentile population and the only way they could be doing it is by stealing the wealth of the gentile countries they are living in.

There us just no way you can afford to have a dozen kids and a hundred grandkids by working the same jobs and following the same laws that the gentiles do in the USA.

That's what bothers me more than anything. It's not right.

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