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Mud flap

Jan 9, 2021
I was 13 years old and staying a week with my grandfather one summer when a fishing incident occurred. My grandfather was a WW2 vet who served in the South Pacific, he had 10 kids, 9 girls and 1 son then eventually 32 grandkids.

The grandkids took turns staying with the grandparents in blocks by age, I had 4 male cousins within 2 years of each other that stayed at the same time I did. That summer I got to my grandparents two days earlier than the rest so I was bored outta my mind.

He owned a fishing boat but never and I mean never took a person with him. He was loading up to go on my second day and I begged him to let me go. Which he finally gave into.

We got on the water around 8am and I’m picking through his tackle until I find a huge top water plug. The first cast I see something fly off my line and I’m thinking shit I just lost his lure. I start reeling and see the plug so I start calming down. I look over my shoulder at good ole grandpa and his glasses are missing and he’s bleeding from the bridge of his nose to middle of his forehead.

All he said was lay the pole down, he cranked up and we headed home. Got back to the house by 9am and my grandmother put 6 stitches in his forehead. I was the first and only grandchild to ever fish with the old man and still today my cousin hold a grudge.

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