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"No amount of evidence will ever persuade an idiot" -- Mark Twain.


Shaping the Future of Reality
Jan 12, 2021
Washington in full of them. Hard to imagine anything good coming out of the next four years. They hold the big hammer and they are going to drive us Republicans like nails into floorboards. Buckle your seat belts and get ready. This is going to be a historical year, and not in a good way at all. I hate to say it, but America has crossed the Rubicon.

Deleted member 2886

Best Twain quote ever: It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to talk and remove all doubt.
For the fool, a master may seem foolish, yet truely it is he, who cowers of will, so foolishly.

Basically that quote of Twain's, is implying it's good to submit to "ego" and emotive whims.

It may seem the best option—of the false dichotomy that's presented, but that's a common deception we see playing out all around us.

Exploiting the defenseless modern—common man's rampant "ego" by proposing an illusory threat potential,...which immediately triggers emotive reactivity.

As "ego" is primarily a self-protective aspect, it does what it does best, adopting the seemingly non-threatening alternative as part of "ego"-identity.

This does not allow for logical cognitive processes regarding the subject thereafter, "ego" will perceive all but total agreement as overtly challenging—triggering the original illusory threat potential.

This is a major retardation for modern man, and unfortunately it affects all of us-being brought up into an inverted ideological haze—taught to believe the "ego" is the "i".

The "ego" is a foolish "master", yet a masterful servant.
The physical body is like a car.
It comes with built in protection systems,...and you— the real—"you"["i"]—is the driver.

Modern man, akin to billions of driverless and hijacked cars left in gear, idling along paths least resistant—hitting whatever the wheels happen to be pointing—&/or just going full twisted metal mode.

*Marc Twain was just another spook.

Truth is often extremely unpleasant, not because it is Truth,...because of the revealing of an "un-truth".

Modern man is so disoriented and misled, that sniveling cowardice, fear and feral delusions of grandeur are considered "virtuous" and worshipped,...whereas to reveal the Truth, one is made out an "enemy".


*End of rant
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