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NFL 2024 Discussion - Super Bowl 58 🏉


Jan 9, 2021
BTW, it is criminal that Clemson never developed Trevor Lawrence at QB. They had him running a high school offense. Clemmy negatively impacted Trevor's career.

He should have went to UGA. Say what you will about Kirby, but we run a complicated NFL offense and Trevor would have been better off.
Jul 9, 2022
BTW, get rid of the slide rule. You want to run the ball? Run the ball.
Could not agree more.

Lets suppose:

QB passes to FB behind the line,
then QB recieves pass from FB forward of the line

Is the QB a QB anymore? I argue not. Therefore, a carrier of the ball past the line is no longer a passer, but a runner, and should be open season for the head hunters.

Just because your starting position is QB, does not mean that you are the QB forever all the time no matter what.

NFL has become a joke, just like everything else in sports
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