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New Article on CrootNews: Afghanistan is a Third World Country


Jan 9, 2021

Chris Farley

Misunderstood lurker
Jan 16, 2021
I read a few years ago that Afghanistan had the highest rate of rabies in the world. That can not be good. That sounds like a shithole.

Did you ever by meat in the open air markets from a vendor?

Did Russian women ever come down to visit?
1. I wouldn’t be surprised about the rabies stat. There were many “wild” dogs roaming around. Some domesticated, some not.

2. Never bought the meat hanging up, however I have had many dishes with meat in it. After my first time eating their food, I had severe dysentery. Another kinda funny story, we were in a fire fight. There was a cow in the crossfire, it @died. We paid the owner and took the dead cow. Had the local butcher cut it up for us, and we ate like kings for a couple weeks.

3. Only time we had interaction with Soviet women were in Bagram Airbase and Kyrgyzstan when we were climatizing. They worked on the bases, a couple hotties cut hair.
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