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Made a big pot of hasenpfeffer (rabbit stew) today


Jan 15, 2021
I used to rabbit hunt 3-5 days per week in Jan-Feb.

We would boil 30 or so rabbits with vegetables in a 160 quart cooker.

Pour it all out on a plywood table and chow down after hunting all day. It
was very spicy like crawfish and damn good after walking 20 miles.


Jan 10, 2021
My dad was a CPA and wouldn’t waste a penny. We had vegetable gardens, a green house, a shrimp boat, hunted deer and birds, ran trout lines, and raised New Zealand White rabbits for food. My siblings and I were young And played with the baby rabbits. Dad did most of the cooking. (He loved cooking and still does.)

Dad knew that us kids would not eat the rabbits, so he would make chicken and dumplings with rabbit in lieu of chicken. We loved his chicken and dumplings. I was the big boy and usually was first to the pot at dinner time. I had a hunch that it wasn’t chicken, so I would stir the pot and look for wings. If I didn’t see a wing, I would whisper to my 3 siblings that it was rabbit. Then we just would dish up the cream broth, veg and dumplings. Dad always wondered why there was so much meat left. I told him the jig was up when I went off to college. He laughed and said I was too smart for my own good. Lol.

Interesting fact; Rabbit is so lean, that you would starve to death if all you could eat was rabbit.

The leanness of rabbit is similar to a boneless skinless chicken breast. Cook it the same. it will dry out real fast in a stew. Add it at the last 20min.

Otherwise poach or Sioux vide or grill fast. A fat heavy sauce will complement the lean meat.
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