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Interesting 24/7 Live Cams


Dec 1, 2020
Saving this here to look at later to see what we can / want to add to Crootn Live

Abbey Road Crossing Webcam. You can watch tourists emulate The Beatles and make life shit for the local commuters!

Bubble Cam! Remotely activate bubbles in some random person's backyard.

Giant Panda Cam - It turned off during the government shutdown and there was an uproar!



www.reallifecam.com - NSFW Guy sets up webcams in apartments and you get to watch then 24/7. Eat Sleep Pee/Puke Sex Etc.

Yes this is real

Yes they are aware of the cameras

They are doing it because the website helps pay living expenses

They do frequently have sex

It is not super exciting, once you've seen them fuck you've seen it a million times.

Large Hadron Collider is pretty interesting.

Africam-multiple webcams placed around an African Wildlife Preserve.

http://www.drivemeinsane.com/ You can control various parts of this person's house. The owner is even a fellow redditor

The Bald Eagle Cam The Raptor Resource Project set up a webcam to view a Bald Eagle nest in Iowa. Every spring you can watch the chicks hatch and grow.

Willard Library Ghost Cams The Willard Library in Evansville, Indiana is believed to be haunted. They have set up webcams throughout the library so the public can watch for ghosts

http://www.thetenthwatch.com/feed/ - It's the pitch drop experiment.

Kitten cam

Best site to find cams all over the world is www.webcamgalore.com

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