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I Swear to God this is a True Story about THE MASTERS


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Jan 12, 2021
This is true - NO SHIT. Roughly 20 years ago when I played a lot of golf at my local country club we had a group called "The High Rollers." We did a lot of gambling Friday, Saturday and Sunday. One dude was the party animal and he had pockets just as deep as he could drink. I will call him Brooks for the purpose of telling the story. He was one crazy S.O.B. but everybody loved to play with Brooks. He was just one of those guys that was a little off center but funny as hell. He had a 6 handicap too. So here we go - Brooks took four of his friends to Augusta in the off season in a truck he had painted to look like the trucks that delivered food to the Augusta National kitchens. He went as a patron every year and he took shots of the food trucks. Brooks was the driver. The other three were in the back of the truck. They all word white jump suits.

He got past the guard with no problems. They pulled around the back of the clubhouse near the kitchen entrance. The all got in the back of the truck and removed their jump suits to reveal their perfect golf attire. Brooks could play the role of whoever he needed to play to pull off some of his crazy ass stunts, and this one was the best of them all. They grabbed their clubs as Brooks ordered an attendant load up two carts and off they drove to the first tee. They were playing Augusta National for free and technically as criminal trespassers. They were just about to tee off on the 5th hole and two carts pulled up. One had the Augusta pro and the other was a security guard. They were told to follow them back to the clubhouse. No one was smiling.

When they got back two other gentlemen came out and asked them how in the hell they got on the course. Brooks and his buddies walked them around to the fake food truck and showed them the jumpsuits in the back. The pro started laughing and said "we should have your asses arrested for trespassing but since you went to some much trouble and got as far as you did, you get your asses in that truck right now and leave. If we see you here again, I'll call the cops! Needless to say that story is still told to new members that join our country club. it is a classic. And nobody tells it better than Brooks!
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Jan 9, 2021
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