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Faceboogle vs Canzuk


Jan 15, 2021
These fvcking arrogant asshats with shit education and no idea what the world looks like outside of Silicon Valley are about to get their ass handed to them. So Australia wants to pass a law, it's a stupid law. Basically to publish Ausstralian news, they have to pay australian media outlets. It's a last gasp of a dying industry, and a form of protectionism. Part of me says let the market kill it, but then what's the alternative? Faceboogle approved media?

Either way, they retards at tech HQ who live in these bullshit bubbles think they are actually god and more powerful than governments. So they are playing hardball and facebook just did a surprise attack and blacked out media in OZ. Well, I don't know who's exactly aware of international politics and faceboogle HQ, but the Brits just left the EU. Why does this matter? The brits are in the process of pushing harder and hardeer to revive Imperial Domain/ Federation laws first floated around at the height of their Empire in the 1800's. Basically independent domains under a unified foreign policy, migration, and military framework. It's called CANZUK. Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the UK. Combined, the economic power is over 6 trillion dollars, with the third largest economy and military on the planet. They would span the globe and are an instant global power to compete with us, the Chinese and the EU.

You fvck with Australia, guess who's getting pissed?

These are just companies, they don't have hard power like a fvcking nation state. Until Zucker can field a military with a hundred plus billion dollar budget, he has to follow the law. And the retarded part in all of this is it's unifying governments internationally against it. If they can block media in Australia, CANZUK isn't going to stand for it. Neither is the EU, and I'd hope the last vestiges of decent politicians in this country won't stand for it.


Jan 9, 2021
Good for FB.. lol. Hopefully more people will leave in droves and make them the next MySpace


Dec 1, 2020
Maybe not the best thread to do this, but we are planning on making a full on assault against big tech launching off everyone’s donations for the site. Anyone in our community that wants to be a creator of any kind: media, services, industry - we are gonna make them their own website as a branch from this community.

Of course there will do some discretion and criteria, but if a few guys want to start a sports site on here: boom we will get you stood up in a couple days. Want to do a podcast? We got you. Want to sell coffee beans? Done. We are working the mechanics of how all these communities will feed off each other, but we are trying to build a new corner of the internet - free of all the big tech social media. We can have our own search engine and everything.
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