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Dr. Seuss is now "offensive". Can someone who has kids with these books explain why?


Jan 8, 2021
My kids are 24 and 19 so I no longer read them bedtime stories, but when they were youngsters they (and I as well) really enjoyed reading Dr. Seuss books to them for bedtime. So apparently now there are hurtful and offensive images and themes in 6 of those books - And To Think I Saw It On Mulberry Street, If I Ran the Zoo, The Cat's Quizzer, On Beyond Zebra, Scrambled Eggs Super, and McElligot's Pool. I only know "Mulberry Street", and cannot think of what is so offensive about it. Can anyone with kids who read these books explain this, other than telling me what I already know that libs are mentally deranged. Thank you.

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