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China censors feminists


Was in the original thread from day one trophy 🏆
Jan 8, 2021
A few more moves likely this and the UN will put China in a special position as “chairman on the committee on women’s rights and equality.
Jan 26, 2021
I don't believe self-proclaimed "feminists" care anything about women. They boycotted Wonder Woman several years back because the woman in the lead (Gal Gadot) supported the Israeli military. They were silent as death when the Iranian women were protesting wearing the hijab and being imprisoned as a result. They are a political arm of the left. Maybe they cared about women in the early days of the movement, but they definitely don't now. I'll be interested to see how American feminists respond to this one.

Unless American feminists are the ones having their accounts censored? I might have misunderstood.

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