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A little more info about the investment oppurtunity


Dec 1, 2020
The investment opportunity pinned on top of the Main Forum will be pulled down on May 1st, I just wanted to give a little more info since it is quite vague:

Shirley Frontiers is the business that owns the Intellectual Property to The Free Speech Forum. We have also applied for intellectual property rights to the Second Signing of the Declaration of Independence - we have a big event planned for this.

The overall goal we are going after here is building a new internet - a place to talk, a place for people to share media, promote themselves, a place to exchange goods, and a place to search for uncensored information. We plan on being very dynamic and adapting to the things that are most successful.

I have one full time contractor that we are paying and a team of volunteer engineers that are helping create content, features and grow our footprint in general.

I want everyone on the site to have an opportunity to invest in the business because everyone here has been a part in standing us up. However, for the first investor call we require investors to be "accredited investors" meaning they have $1M net worth or an income > $200,000/yr the previous two years (there are other things than can qualify someone that can be found online).

Once the post is pulled down, there will potentially still be an opportunity for "accredited investors" to invest assuming that we have units left which we desire to sell.

If you meet the criteria of an accredited investor and would like more information, please respond to the email in the pinned post. I'm not going to be answering questions here.


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