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Unsolved Mysteries Thread(not the show)


Jan 9, 2021
This is my attempt at adding some content to the new board.

This thread is going to be about unsolved mysteries. Can be cold case murders , UFOs, ghosts, bigfoot, Oak Island type stuff, whatever floats your mysterious boat.

I'll start the thread with a case that's always interested me that many of you may have never heard about.

The Boys from Yuba City

"On February 24, 1978, a group of five friends attend a college basketball game at California State University, Chico. While the media and police would describe them as “boys”, the four men ranged in age from 24 and 34. However, they were mildly mentally disabled and were supposedly dependent on family.

After the game, which ended with their favorite team UC Davis winning, they stop by a convenience store to buy snacks for their trip home to Yuba City which was roughly 50 miles away. None of the five would ever be seen alive again after this point.

The five men were set to play in a weeklong Special Olympics tournament the following morning, the families would later report that all five men were extremely excited about the tournament because the winners would be awarded a week-long trip to Los Angeles. Some of the five had even laid out their uniforms and one – Gary Mathias – stressed to his mother to not let him oversleep. But the five men never returned home that night which would result in the police being contacted the following morning.

The police in both Chico and Yuba City begin to search the route between the two cities but they find no signs of the five men. After a few days, the police in Chico receive a break in the case. A ranger at Plumas National Forest tells them that he saw the car the men were in – a 1969 Mercury Montego – on the side of the road in the forest a few days earlier. He leads them back to the car which ends up being the car that the five men were in yet none of them were found near it.

The finding of the car led to many questions that are unanswered to this day. The car was located on a snowy road in the middle of a forest that none of the men had been known to frequent. In addition, it was 70 miles away from Chico and nowhere near Yuba City."

Video going over the events.

Wiki link

Article on the boys



Your(e)humble servant
Jan 8, 2021
This is a rebar cock post amd joke

They are here

Come back knowledge

I have ghosts or gusting winds. I believe but most shit can be explained

I've seen some shit that logic defys and logic dictates.

What my dictate like anyway?
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