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***Nostalgia Thread***


Your(e)humble servant
Jan 8, 2021
I remember making fun of the Zima drinkers but secretly liking to sneak one or two
This explains your "experience new things" during college

I tried them they weren't terrible. Prefer beer.

Had a beach house in Surfside in the 80s and 90s. When we were JR year 1st week of summer everyone from the state hit the beach.
We are having a party but a bunch of sluts didn't bring booze expecting to drinks ours. Well you remember how broke you were as a kid? I was worse off bc my folks wouldn't pay for shit except church clothes and toiletries except deodorant. So they weren't going to Jones my booze.
I grab a big tub. Put a pint of shit tequila and 4 gallons of water and concentrate fruits and a bottle of ginger ale in it. Maybe 15 chick's drank from. It all night. Acting shitfaced and being sluts.
So as the chick I banged was leaving I told her and everyone there what I had done. I pointed out that they were all full of shit. I was a hero to everyone but 14 of those girls. The chick I banged came back to lay out and party next day
Jul 9, 2022

Next gen NEXTEL

I so miss the beep beep
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