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Kentuck football


Your(e)humble servant
Jan 8, 2021
What was our time frame for this? I'm already developing a rash.
That laugh is strictly avatar rated.
I have no idea what has happened since hollowedween the porno I produced. I'm fixing to fry a turkey with my right arm mostly. Maybe I ll try to pick up a seasoning bottle w my left.
All yall beat off w both hands tonight. For me.
Whether it is two dedicated nuts to each dedicated hand or a good old spliteroo two hand tug boat idgaf.

My shit hurts and I can't drink. But I am now. No one can fucking stop a good guy. Maybe a bad guy but my point is beat off. If you have wifenor gal have her help. Pray for left handed dick beaters in you prayers for me specifically. This shit hurts.

I want to cry but I can't for pain. I can for a puppy or a horrible life occurrence but not for my injury.
When I was 13 I compound fractured my femur. I weighed 98lb. In the ER the Dr kept fucking w my leg. I told him to stop or I'd fuck him up. I took 1pshotx15miligram per whatever they used before dialud. The 3rd time he touched my shit I lunge and swung and busted him in the ear. He went down. Hospital's floors are slick. He slipped around and said out him in surgery.
What actually knocked me out was me slamming my head down on the table as hard as I could. But my OR nurse said I kept waking up shut talking and trying to fight him. They had never seen a dirty rotten flood of a man.
The surgeon was Dr Kirkley. He is now lawyer in cola . Smartest fucker ever. He quit bc of me he once said. But I thanked God bc of him I can walk jump and run. I just can't fall on my left arm for 8 months to 3 yrs.
Happy Thanksgiving Homer's

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