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Can a MAN be a WOMAN in sports? Transgender athletes are freaks of nature...BY CHOICE!


Shaping the Future of Reality
Jan 12, 2021
This article is from the Patriot Post and I wish i had written, but i share it with my Free Speech Forum colleagues...

To ordinary Americans, it’s illogical to force girls to compete against biological men. Once you step outside of the Washington, D.C. bubble and talk to people in both parties, they’ll agree. As polling across the spectrum shows, it’s one of the strongest areas of bipartisan consensus in the nation. Some surveys, like Scott Rasmussen’s Just the News Daily Poll, show Democrats agreeing with Republicans by a 50-25 percent margin. On the Right, it’s no contest, almost everyone (81 percent) wants their daughters to be able to compete on a level playing field for titles, scholarships, and opportunities.

Even more liberal outlets, like Politico in its Morning Consult Poll, pointed out that this is a culture debate that isn’t really a debate. Across gender, party, and generational lines, protecting women’s rights makes sense in most people’s minds “So let’s dispense with the notion that transgenderism as pushed by corporate media, Big Tech, Hollywood, and corporate America is somehow ‘mainstream,’” the Federalist’s John Daniel Davidson insisted. “It’s not even close to mainstream.”

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