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ugandan food

  1. irlafterthought18

    Martin on Ugandan Food: Making a "Rolex"

    September 17th Today Martin teaches us how to make the famous Ugandan "rolex", a street food that's unique to the region. Cooked right in front of you, rolled up, and oftentimes wrapped in newspaper, the rolex is a delicious treat that's also packed with some protein. And how did it get the...
  2. irlafterthought18

    Martin on Ugandan Food: Making of Posho

    SEPTEMBER 10TH Hello everyone! I missed this update by a day because I was super busy yesterday. The Goal is for Martin's videos to come out on Monday and then a second one on Thursday, with any special one offs we might think up popping up sporadically (Like a cool surprise). But here's a...
  3. irlafterthought18

    Monday with Martin: Ugandan Food Staples

    SEPTEMBER 6TH HAPPY LABOR DAY! Hello everyone, hope you all are enjoying your labor day! We're finally at the dog days of summer, things are winding down, football is starting up (opening weekend was pretty great) and today Martin is starting a new theme for his videos. We are going to explore...
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