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  1. Hoosier in Mad Town

    Archived The Broken System

    I'm not sure I can give you a list of politicians, but I wrote down how the system works and the steps necessary to deconstruct it. Here is part 1: Here is my take on what is actually going on in the plan. The key industries/chokepoints that have to be addressed in order to not crash the...
  2. dero316

    Archived Shady Biden Business Dealings Compilation

    Good afternoon gentleman(amen and awomen). I'll go ahead and post the Biden info I gathered from the other thread(up until summer): Senate Finance Committee Probes Biden-Linked Chinese Tech Sale https://t.co/dhf6WFPLoY — Jim Pidd (@JamesPidd) August 16, 2019 And there it is. Biden, though...
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