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United We Stand! Divided We Fall...

United We Stand! Divided We Fall...
Freedom of speech is in peril and Americans must stand together

By: Cre8ive

Photo by wallpapers13.com​

The United States of America stands alone in the history of the world. No other country has accomplished so much in such a short time—a blink of an eye. In just over 200 years, we are the wealthiest and most powerful nation the world has ever known. The American spirit of determination, dreams, vision, tenacity, resolve, imagination, and innovation pumps like a great heart whose blood is FREE SPEECH.

If we stand by and allow a small group of fascist zealots to CONTINUE to slowly take chip away at the pillars of Freedom of Speech, it will mark the biggest coup by the smallest army in the history of civilization.

We must stand up. We must stand tall. We must stand strong, AND WE MUST STAND TOGETHER.

The democratic party has gone beyond liberalism into fascism. They completely control our government for the first time in decades. They want to create a country that we do not wish to live in. They also have compatriots in Google, Facebook, Twitter, CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, MSNBS, and FOX. Moreover, they have potent comrades abroad. They think they can treat us as an ignorant mass of “deplorable” and gradually remove your right to Free Speech and smother and gag you with censorship. They plan to create a police state for total domination of the American public.

Darkness looms on our horizon.

The National Anthem is being buried day by day. Statues of great Americans have been torn down. Our flag is burned all across America. Fascist groups roam the streets like rabid dogs and destroy property with impunity. The police stand and watch with their hands tied by fascist democrats in “blue states and cities.”

If we allow these dark forces to continue with reckless abandon, it will be illegal to fly the American flag one day. Think not? Think again. They’ve already done it to our Pledge of Allegiance. If you feel this is a pessimistic perspective, you must have had your head buried in the sand inside of the cave you live in. Remember this, “if” America falls, it will fall from WITHIN.

One thing stands between the fall of America as we know it – YOU.

We must stand up. We must stand tall. We must stand strong, AND WE MUST STAND TOGETHER.

The fascist Democrats might have Washington and the media outlets in their pocket, but we have a powerful new home that rests on a foundation of patriotic granite. It is rising as I speak. Its mission, purpose, and energy are the same as that which gave birth to the United States of America.

It is called The Free Speech Forum. It is of the people, by the people, and for the people.

The Free Speech Forum is the most important website on the internet.

It is a sanctuary for our God-given right of Free Speech. A haven for all of us to express ourselves freely as we build the most potent force for Freedom of Speech in America. A passion that will ensure that our flag still waves and our voices ring clear across the fruited plain.

The Free Speech Forum is young. But it is growing stronger every day. So please join us and become one with us to ensure that The Free Speech Forum will stand as an indestructible Titan on the horizon of our future. The light of liberty still burns. But if we do not take a stand now, it is in peril of being extinguished.

The Free Speech Forum is a non-profit that relies on the generosity of American patriots. But more than donations, we need YOUR VOICE. So join us and post what is important to you. Share your story. Share your thoughts. Your dreams and your fears with other like-minded patriots make up the foundation of the FREE SPEECH FORUM.

We will stay the course. Nothing will deter us from moving forward, regardless of the dark forces that will undoubtedly continue to put their plan of slowly eroding our FREEDOM OF SPEECH into high gear. However, we must not fall into the pit that is their vision of America – a police state controlled by a handful of billionaires, powerful media companies, and zealous minions to do their bidding.

I will close with the words of the Father of Our Country, George Washington –

“If Freedom of Speech is taken away, then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.”


Staff member
May 20, 2021
Great words brother! Love that quote at the end. May make it on a shirt soon. 🇺🇸

Keep up the good work and be blessed!

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