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The FSF Weekly Roundup 6/2/2021

The FSF Weekly Roundup 6/2/2021

By: Brooks Latta (BLatta12)
It is an exciting time to be a part of the Free Speech Forum (FSF). In the past week, the FSF rolled out several site enhancements, resources, and events. The FSF held its inaugural video podcast, revamped the FSF news, held a Memorial Day special, and released a Patron premium site membership. The site is taking shape and the community is growing in numbers and participation every day.

The much-hyped video podcast turned out to be a terrific community event and did not disappoint. It started with a small bump in the road with the opening intro repeating multiple times across the broadcast audio. This was in true FSF fashion, created a good laugh to kick things off, and added to the authenticity of the site ran by the people for the people. The hosts recovered from the rough start and the rest of the podcast was smooth sailing.

The first podcast was hosted by four members that included @Cre8ive, @Croot_Overlord, @squanchy, and @JerBearr. @Croot_Overlord, @Cre8ive, and @squanchy provided a great breakdown of how Crootn.com got started and how it has evolved to the FSF, the premier free speech platform across the internet today. @JerBearr offered the viewership many laughs throughout the broadcast.

Overall, the turnout of the video podcast was good. So far, the podcast has been viewed 225 times on YouTube. The FSF official YouTube account is up to 37 subscribers. We expect viewership and subscribers to grow more and more as the podcast gets more established and broadcasts occur on a regular schedule. The podcast took calls from 3 members that include: @shakeweight, @TheNJNole, and @Chris Farley. @shakeweight provided us details of the Discord. @TheNJNole offered many laughs with his use of the forum, and @Chris Farley highlighted the night as only he can on after being loosened up on a few brewskies.

Check out the podcast if you missed it. You’ll be glad you did.

FSF news was completely revamped and integrated into the main XenForo Free Speech Forum website. This allows for a single sign-in on the FSF website versus jumping in and out of multiple web pages. It also keeps everything on the XenForo toolset. An FSF news staff was established to oversee and approve member-written articles. So far, five news articles have been published with a total of 566 member views across all the articles. The highlight of the FSF news has been the article titled “What Memorial Day Means to Me” by Veteran @Chris Farley. Be sure to check it out if you missed it because it paints a perspective of Memorial Day only a person that truly lived those experiences could write.

The forum hosted a Memorial Day special across the holiday weekend. A banner of fallen heroes was displayed at the top of the forum honoring those that gave all. The banner showed fallen veterans’ rank, name, the branch of military service, and date of death. A Memorial Day Tribute video was put together by the FSF and posted on YouTube as well as embedded at the top of the site all weekend. It is a terrific video that has been well received.

A major addition to the FSF was the addition of the option to upgrade your account to Patron status. Patron status provides extra perks such as a special forum. There are rumors of a Taco Bell camera that provides sights of the Taco Bell behind @JerBearr ’s house. This should be an interesting talking point amongst members. There are further perks to be added soon for Patron members.

The Patron status assists the forum itself with some new expenses that are beginning this month. The funding will enhance the site’s ability to reach a wider audience of censored Americans. Every little bit of funding helps. You can upgrade your account by selecting the user icon on the main toolbar and then “Account upgrades.” The membership costs $5 a month and is payable monthly through PayPal or yearly through Venmo.

In conclusion, there are a lot of positive changes happening with the FSF. If you have not been a part of the items discussed in this article, be sure to check them out.

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