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The Effects of Illegal Immigration

The Effects of Illegal Immigration

By: @Chris Farley

The Mexican-American border. Photo by Greg Bulla on Unsplash.​

Some say supporters of illegal immigration either don’t have a clue, are ignorant, or selfish. It could be that most people just don’t have a complete understanding of the issues. The Federation for American Immigration Reform shows that, at a minimum, there are 14.5 million illegal immigrants in the states today. The overall number is actually unknown because they are undocumented. This doesn’t include the 6.5 million children born inside the US to illegals, but that’s for another debate. Illegal immigration has an enormous effect not only locally but globally as well. It’s crept all the way into Mobile County. The US Census Bureau’s data shows that almost 47% of foreign-born residents in Mobile County do not have US citizenship (livestories). One could argue that it affects on the entire world due to the fact that the US spends so much money on the issue, creating a rippling effect. That capital spent could go towards more productive issues such as trade and commerce with other countries. With that being said, illegal immigration puts a huge strain on the national economy, but also promotes immense crime, and separates the American people politically, amongst other issues as well.

One of the over-arching reasons is the strain it puts on the economy. One of the main economic issues regards taxes. The American citizens pay over 140 billion dollars in taxes per year just for this issue. This money pays for their school, their healthcare, court and policing costs, and municipal services. This costs the American taxpayer far more than the illegal immigrants contribute in taxes. Another figure to consider is the 552,000 homeless Americans. To put it in perspective, 140 billion dollars is enough to build every homeless American citizen their own brand-new house. Shifting the focus to remittances, it’s estimated that over 38 billion dollars are sent back to their families in their home countries, and in many cases, are either confiscated by the Cartels or sent to bad people in general. We know this due to a 3-year federal investigation that targeted money launderers and exposed the drug cartels that launder their money through remittance companies. This is upsetting because the money is gone and never to be seen again.

Illegal Immigration is particularly bad for small towns and locally owned businesses. This is arguably the equivalent of a tax that gives the people nothing back in return. It doesn’t support American business, build American infrastructure, or buy American goods. It goes to places like Mexico to buy their goods, places like China to build up their businesses, and places like Indonesia and the Philippines to build their roads. The more illegal immigrants America has also meant a bigger labor supply. This lowers wages for the American citizen and especially affects the Americans without a college education. This is a great example of supply and demand. When demand goes up, prices go up. When supply goes up, prices go down. This is exactly the case with a person’s labor. If there are lots of workers who can do a job, then employers don’t have to pay as much to get someone who’s qualified to work for them. If there’s a lack of workers, then employers have to pay more money to hire someone. If one has to accept the law of supply and demand, which is a fact, then one must accept that illegal immigration decreases American wages. Some might argue that illegals do the jobs that regular Americans just don’t want to do. This is simply not true. There are over 10 million unemployed Americans at this very moment. There are at a minimum, 14.5 million illegal immigrants. If every illegal alien was deported and that job was given to an American, the unemployment rate would be 0%. Also, Americans are willing to work. Americans want to work. Right now, in states where there aren’t any illegal immigrants, legal American citizens are working those labor jobs. The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that there are millions of Americans, of all ethnicities, that are in fact employed as said laborers. In states like MT, ID, OH, WI, and IN, there are very low illegal immigration rates. The labor jobs are being filled by legal white, black, and Hispanics every day (bls). It is not true that Americans don’t want these jobs. They can’t get them because they are being undercut by illegals. Unemployed teenagers, as well as both black and Hispanic Americans, would most definitely fill the vacancies in places like California and Texas if they could. However, they cannot because they can’t compete with illegals due to the fact that illegals will work more for less. The actual problem is two-fold. Skilled American workers aren’t willing to compromise for lower wages while employers seek the opportunity to not have to pay taxes on employees with illegal workers.

Next is the issue of crime. The fact is that any crime committed by an illegal immigrant should not have occurred in the first place because they shouldn’t be in America anyway. Take MS-13 for example. One of America’s most violent gangs that consist mostly of illegal immigrants, is committing various crimes including torture and murder against American citizens. The fact is, illegal immigrants are more likely to commit crimes than American citizens. According to the National Review, incarceration rates for homicides are significantly more likely to be held by illegal immigrants versus legal immigrants in the states of NY, TX, FL, AZ, and CA. That doesn’t mean that these are the only states that it is happening in; they are just the states with the majority of the murders by illegal immigrants. Sanctuary cities most definitely play a role in this, as does politics and other issues. Other examples of states that have sanctuary cities include MN, PA, WA, IL, MD, and even a recently former red state such as VA. The number of Americans that have been murdered by illegals is in the thousands. This is a travesty. Murder is of course the ultimate crime, but there are other types of crime committed as well. For example, in 2014, illegals were responsible for 75% of all federally given drug sentences. Jurisdictions along the US-Mexican border are where 40% of all federal crime was committed (Kasperowicz). In 2018, 25% of all federal drug arrests were conducted in the 5 judicial districts along the US-Mexican border (von Spakovsky). This is mainly because of the Cartels. Also in 2018, the Justice Department’s Bureau of Justice Statistics showed that although illegal immigrants comprised of only about 7% of the population, they are responsible for 64% of all federal arrests. In 2019, illegals were responsible for 24% of all federal drug arrests, 25% of all federal property arrests, and 28% of all federal fraud arrests (von Spakovsky, heritage.org). These crimes aren’t just numbers or statistics, they really affect American people. The Pew Research Center recently conducted a survey on the American citizen’s concern towards illegal immigration crime. As of April 2021, the percentage of Americans who find it to be a problem has jumped from 28% to 48%. Crime committed by illegals costs over 16 billion dollars a year. This is comprised of 8.3 billion spent at the state and local levels and 7.8 billion spent federally. Elected officials that declare “sanctuary cities” are endangering the lives of its citizens. By letting illegal immigration to continue, the government is forgetting its primary responsibility, to keep Americans safe.

Finally, there is the issue of political division. It’s a fact that over 800,000 illegal immigrants voted in the 2016 election. No, it wouldn’t have changed the outcome of this particular election but it would most certainly drop Clinton’s popular vote percentage. However, in the most recent election, it very well could have had an impact. According to a moderate fact checker company, if only 5% of the illegal immigrant population voted, that would make for over one million votes. Trump received the most legal votes of any Presidential candidate in the history of the nation with over 73.6 million. To say that his opponent received more than that could be considered an ignorant statement due to the fact that there are very possible signs of fraud, which is currently being investigated on. There is credible speculation that this election was fraudulent due to voting machine manipulation, but also due to an estimated 234,570 illegal votes cast by non-citizens in the states of AZ, GA, MI, WI, NV, NC, and PA. What a coincidence that all of these states were the last to report their figures, and all but one of them happened to turn blue at the last minute. The fact is that illegal immigrants vote. It happens in every election. It’s a democratic nightmare! How do they vote? Well, the answer is simple; since there are substandard voter ID laws in many states (mostly blue states), it’s easy to say you’re someone else and cast a ballot. Biden and the Democratic party are welcoming this very sentiment. The current war at the border has only been amplified since the current President took office. The majority of Democrats are actively seeking to pass a huge election overhaul bill, “H.R.1”, which would grant illegals, who have yet to become citizens, the right to vote. The only reason they are doing this is because they know many illegal immigrants will vote Democrat. No, just because someone is an illegal immigrant doesn’t mean they automatically would be a Democrat, however they are more likely to vote for the side that supports them coming in. An example would be recently where thousands of illegal immigrants were wearing shirts that read “Joe Biden let us in”. Who paid for and distributed those shirts to thousands of refugees from third world countries? The Democrat party is disguising it by calling it an act to “expand Americans’ access to the ballot box…” but in fact, they don’t care about the common American man or woman who doesn’t have an ID to vote. All they care about is receiving their votes by any means necessary, even if that means cheating. Voter ID laws are according to some, a means of targeting minorities; the reason for these laws are to secure fair elections. Allowing hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants into the country every month would most definitely solidify this. Democrats aren’t the only ones that encourage the issue at hand. Republicans aren’t any better, as they continuously lie about how the economy would collapse without the work of illegals. They are both wrong. They both are for illegal immigrants coming in only for one thing; to allow themselves as elites, to continue to live their luxurious lifestyles, and do they have illegal immigrants around them at all? Absolutely not. One of the most intense mandates included in the bill would make states participate in automatic voter registration. This would use the information stored in government databases which would make sure that duplicate registrations and millions of illegal aliens that are spread across the entire country are legal to vote. Section 1015 of the bill even goes as far as to say that illegal aliens who are registered by error cannot and will not be prosecuted (congress). Other parts of the bill propose the abolishment of Voter ID laws and the enlargement of mail-in voting options. Voter ID laws have been put in place by many states to ensure that the voting process is legal. What is baffling is how it is so hard for someone to obtain a legal form of identification. The laws don’t state that citizens have to have a driver’s license. They just state that you must have a legal form of identification. It’s not about racism or “Jim Crow”, it’s about ensuring that our voting process is held to a standard and that our elections are safe and secure. Why must an individual have to have an ID in order to purchase cigarettes or alcohol as well as other things like buying prescription drugs and flying, however they don’t have to have one in order to perform the most sacred American duty we have which is electing our government officials? How is that disenfranchising when most states provide for free ID to the less fortunate? The idea that voter laws are more harsh in minority and inner-city communities is purely rhetorical. A Caucasian in Fairhope, AL can no more easily get a voter ID than an African American can in Atlanta, GA. The requirements are the same, and there is no fee for people who can’t afford it. They want the American citizen to think that it’s all about reconnecting families and bringing children back together with their parents. This is just a ploy. This many people in the country that are undocumented, has increased the political divide in America. Liberals rake conservatives over the coals for being the evil bad guys who want to break up families, while conservatives believe liberals are going against America’s core values. This is not healthy.

There are several other issues at hand beyond the negative effects on the economy, crime, and politics. Culture and human trafficking are among those. These things are real issues and they’re happening at our border right as we speak. The Democrat party is promoting a 2-part scam. One is so that the elites can better their quality of life at the American citizen’s expense, and two is so that the Democrats will win elections. That’s it. That’s all they care about. They don’t care about letting people in to “be free”. They definitely don’t care about the children. People may say “America has a moral obligation to take them in”. This is non-sense. America’s moral obligation is to protect its citizens both physically and monetarily. These are the people that were born in America and the people that went through the rigorous process of legally becoming a citizen of America. That is the whole premise behind America First! It’s not because pro-Americans are racists or xenophobes, it’s because they actually care about their own legal citizens before illegals that have no business being here in the first place. Illegal immigration is not a joke. It’s devastating America’s economy, degrading its safety, and is without a doubt, just plain immoral. The wall was a decent first step for change, but It’s more than that. It’s about culture, it’s about information. A source that sympathizes with the situation, The Center for American Progress, states their report “sets out a framework for immigration policymaking that brings together the two visions of America, with the goal of building a fair, humane, and well-functioning immigration system in which the rule of law is restored” (Jawetz). They are absolutely right about one thing. The rule of law definitely needs to be restored. Legal immigration strengthens our country. Illegal immigration weakens it. Most people who support irrational ideas like amnesty don’t have the facts, and facts don’t care about feelings.

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Shaping the Future of Reality
Jan 12, 2021
Great article Chris. I like your new photo too. If we could put up big posters on the south side of the wall, immigrants would be too frightened to come over the fence. Are you OK with me moving forward on that?

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