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Thank God for California

Thank God for California. It makes so many other RED STATES look so good in that it clearly illustrates we are so much farther along in our understanding of the innate desire in every child to learn. It is the parents who are the front line in either inspiring and lifting up their children or tearing them down little by little until they have no self-respect left in them.

So instead of tackling the problem at its root, the California libs conjure up a defective band-aid. Imagine the misguided group of humans that gathered and came to the conclusion that pursing and placing "equity" in school over learning and education and thought it was the best thing to do! Unreal. Horrific in conception.

I thank God that the great majority of people in this country will read this article or hear about this story and shake their heads in disbelief. Social awareness begins at home and if those kids don't get it there, they sure as hell won't "get it" in school. Social awareness does NOT accelerate learning. Innate curiosity and the hunger for knowledge is what accelerates learning. Having parents that love and encourage and uplift their children everyday accelerates learning.

Children are born with a natural desire to learn, explore, understand, discover, share, imagine and accomplish anything they can imagine
. And not one of those attributes i just listed came from social awareness. It came from god or the higher power or whatever you wish to call the unfathomable intelligence of our universe.

"The noblest pleasure is the joy of understanding" - Leonardo da Vinci

It is the idiocy of the board of education in California and other blue states, counties and cities across the country that are HOLDING BACK all children by trying to dictate how they think instead of inspiring them to learn. It is their illegitimate dogma that spews forth the rot of stillness inside a human mind, and especially in children. How dare they destroy curiosity.

The most unsettling aspect of this entire movement is the egregious lack of common sense.

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