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Afghanistan is a Third World Country

Afghanistan is a Third World Country

The original definition of a third world country refers to a country that did not have an alliance with the United States or the former Soviet Union during the Cold War. However, in today’s society it is used to describe a country that is impoverished and struggling to meet basic human needs. Afghanistan is the epitome of this definition due to a lack of infrastructure, being a war-torn country, and becoming occupied by the Taliban. First, there is a total lack of infrastructure. Taking a walk in the Charkh Valley of Logar Province, would show that the environment mimics that of a biblical village over 2,000 years ago. Most of the population lives in huts made of mud bricks. The local bazaar will have vendors on both sides of the street selling produce, tools, and clothing. You would even see a butcher’s shop with fresh meat hanging up surrounded by flies. Next, the whole country has been war-torn since the days of Alexander the Great. At one point, before the coup and Russian invasion, it was on its way of becoming a developed country. Then the coup happened and Russia came in. There are still remnants all over from the Afghan-Soviet war, including old broken-down tanks and artillery cannons. It is like the Russians just picked up and left everything behind. Third, the Soviets’ departure led to the rise of the Taliban. The Taliban still control most of the country to this day, even though there are “elected officials.'' Due to their oppressive ways: education is almost non-existent, women are treated like animals, and it is one of the world’s leaders in producing heroin. Being that the country is totally landlocked and lacks the ability to trade with other countries, it has become highly dependent on foreign aid and farming. The mountainous terrain and ever-changing climate prevent the linking of districts and provinces, so it is easy for the Taliban to rule instead. As you can see from a mixture of different reasons, Afghanistan is a third world country.

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